Good Bye

Hey what’s up, it’s Jere!

Life has been such an adventure lately. I know it’s been a long while since I last published on the blog so here’s a quick update. Ever since my last post, I was able to complete my thesis (in which we ranked 2nd best in the university’s design project competition), I managed to snag a 350-hour paid internship in Emerson, and I finally finished all my remaining units in school. All those happened in a span of 4 months! What a crazy rollercoaster ride.

Right now, I am about to enter a new chapter in life. It’s scary because I’ve been a student for majority of my existence, and in front of me looms uncharted territory. Having said that I’ve thought about my plans for the future & after some careful deliberation, I have decided to bid farewell to blogging.

Blogging has been my passion for the past 5 years & I definitely learned a lot. I was a clueless 17-year old teenager when I started this venture & look at me now! I’m already 22 and ready to take my dreams by the reins. Being a blogger merited me the confidence I needed during my developing years. I met amazing people (who I still cherish up to now), I developed into a better individual & most of all I found my identity! But life is so much more than the internet. I think it’s about time that I explore more of the world outside my laptop. Lately I’ve been going out more, doing extra efforts on some socializing & even hitting the gym to amp up my chances of getting my dream bod. I’m having such a blast!

I’m closing The Kiddo Grows Up but that doesn’t mean I’m done growing up. Life goes on and there’s still a lot of lessons to learn & memories to forge. I’m excited for the future!

Let’s meet again soon.


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By Your Side



I’m currently in the brink of too much pressure because of having lots on my plate. Tomorrow is gonna be our thesis defense! Sounds crazy but time flies by so fast. It feels like it was just tomorrow when we had our title defense but it’s finally happening. Anyway, here’s a simple blog post to keep you guys updated for now. I’m gonna pray hard tonight that everything will go well for our group. Actually I have no clue what to type right now because my mind is fried, dried & in a blank state lol. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Wish me luck.

The Lowdown: Texwood jacket; Comme des Garcons shirt; Penshoppe pants; Bench cap; Milanos shoes

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You Better Believe



I’m currently in the busiest & most stressful part of my last semester as a studentโ€”just doing my best not to let the pressure get to me. Deadlines are looming over the horizon & it doesn’t help that I have a couple of emotional crap to deal with personally. It’s hard to be an overthinker who also has a low sense of self-worth. Deadly combo if you ask me! But yeah, this blog post is turning into a rant so I’m gonna stop the drama here lol. So for this outfit set, I tried being a bit of a badass & use some elements of rock ‘n roll as seen through the ripped jeans & pair of dark sunnies. However, since being a sucker for comfy pieces is already engraved in my sartorial bloodline, I decided not to go all-out. The graphic sweater I chose kinda balanced everything out.

The Lowdown: DIMEPIECE sweater; DIY pants; Nike sneakers; Ray-Ban shades

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Love On The Weekend



Here’s me exerting extra effort to look posh & put-together despite the madness that is going on in the background (that is MY life)! I just wanted to post something more dapper & less casual because I think I’ve been swerving too much on the comfort side of things. You have to balance on the thin line between style & ease y’know! Anyway, I decided to spruce things up by layering a long-sleeved sweatshirt underneath my printed polo. I took this inspo from the late 90’s asian street kids (and I also did it because it’s lowkey super chilly & bed weather-ish lately thanks to the northeast monsoon). I’ve been dabbling a lot on layers since Manila is starting to feel like Baguio these past few days. Fingers crossed this climate is here to stay!

The Lowdown: Kaltendin top; Graniph sweater; H&M shorts; AMBLVD socks; Hush Puppies shoes