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While scouting for a place to shoot, my sister & I found this abandoned structure at the far side of our subdivision. I don’t really know what attracted me to its beautifully broken stature. Kinda weird, but I love how the vines, the sunlight and its gray areas somewhat makes it a “work of art”. Don’t ya think so?


My dad finally gave me his leather jacket! (Or truthfully speaking, I think he just got tired of my constant convincing) SCORE!!! >:) For the longest time, I was searching for a hefty pair of leathers in literally everywhere. I was opting for genuine ones since I know it’d last for decades compared to faux.

So when I learned that Dad was hiding a custom-made one in his closet, the makulit kiddo in me bugged and bugged and bugged until he obliged. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I remember using this camera when I was still in elementary. I used to bring it with me during our field trips, and I called it “de-ikot” because you manually have to set its hinges just for a single shot. Thank God for technology! Voila vintage cam!!


7 For All Mankind jeans | Dad’s leather jacket | Teelocker tee | Playboy boots





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