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Thank God It’s Fifty


These are the moments I crave for— everyone’s happy, the ambience is festive and the people I love are beside me. :”> Words cannot fully express how thankful I am to the Lord for making my grandparents reach their 50th wedding anniversary. In this world that we’re in right now, it’s rare (and when I say rare, I mean RARE) for couples to come this far. I’m lucky that my Lola & Papa did.


Knowing my grands, they actually didn’t want any celebration of some sort whenever. They have this pakipot thing going on. We told them our original plan a half year ago which is to revel in a 5-star hotel somewhere in the metro with just a couple of close family friends, but they replied with a big NO.


Of course, we didn’t let nothing happen. We still went on to arrange a party. It would have to be a secret, so that they wouldn’t know what’s unfolding. The hotel fiasco didn’t materialize obviously. *rolls eyes*


During my whole summer vacation, we continued on with the scheme. And during the day itself, everything went according to plan. Yayy!! For me, it’s not only Thank God it’s Fifty. It’s also Thank God It’s Flawless.


I wouldn’t trade anything to seeing Lola & Papa smile and cry tears of joy. My grandparents may not be the most showy couple when it comes to love, but I know I’d want my love story to be just like theirs. The remaining moments I have left with them are coming to a close so whatever chance I have to be with them, I never decline. They make me happy. I make them happy. And I think that’s what true love is about. :’)




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