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Hooray for Breakfast


Breakfast food has always been a penchant of mine ever since I was a kid. Bacons & eggs appeal to me more than steaks & lobsters. This is why whenever we go out on food trips, time is not an exception. It may be 2PM already but I still would choose breakfast chow at times.

That is exactly the situation we were in when we decided to try out Momo Cafe situated at the Ayala Triangle. There was actually a wide array of viands to choose from— breakfast, lunch, merienda, all the way down to dinner.



  • Mrs. Jones’ Spicy US Tapa
  • American Breakfast
  • Sugared Bananas, Peaches, Candied Walnuts & Chocolate Pancakes
  • Strawberry Iced Tea


Its interiors are quite delightful to look at. Modernly classy yet playful. I like that! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Their pancakes are one of the best I’ve tasted in a long while! The candied walnuts takes the dish to a whole new level.


Rating: 8/ 10

– Quirky interior, lackluster bacon & scrumptious pancakes



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