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Young Adult


Even though I want to be as optimistic as I can every moment of my imperfect life, there’s instances where I fail to do so. At school, there’s endless schoolworks. At home, there’s a strict consignment of rules. At the office, there’s mountainloads of deadlines. Craziness. What’s a normal teenager to do?


I could go on a rant rampage right now & nobody could do anything about it. But that was me before. I know I’m a responsible young adult now. Heck yeah, I’m eighteen already. No matter how much someone says I’m still too young, too naive, too crass, too whatever; there is one thing I know— they can’t know any better. What’s essential is how I view & handle myself. Right now, I choose to mature.


On a positive note, I will be taking a break from blogging & social networking for a couple of weeks. Break— meaning I will be coming back. I really don’t know when but I will. That is, after I finish taking care of my roles as an engineering student, campus writer, family guy, so on & so forth. Pinky promise.


Dad’s leather jacket | Diamond floral polo | Oxygen shorts | Lyrique boots




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