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How to Train my What?


I can be the the most naive person at times. Up to now, I still can’t figure out what I want to be in life. Like after I’m done with school, what field should I focus on? Should I follow up to my course & go technically with being an engineer? Or should I follow my heart & go on an adventure with the arts? The thought just eats me up!


These past few nights, I was constantly thinking about it & unfortunately, I feel like I wasn’t able to get an inch closer to the answer.


When you get down to it though, I know I’ll just be flowing along to where the wind takes me. It’s like love. At the end of it all, you’ll be where you’re meant to be. Right now, I just need to do my best & roll with the punches.


The Lowdown: Thrifted top & pants; Rustans scarf; Folded & Hung neklace; Adidas sneakers



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