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Fall to the Earth


Whenever I look up at the stars, I see a myriad of things. My thoughts run places & my feelings start to swell. Not being melodramatic but I think the stars serve to be a universal witness for all of us. They aren’t human but the fact that they glow & they live on for hundreds of years makes it seem like they’re constantly watching over us ever since we were born.


The stars were already shimmering when I came out of mommy’s womb. Sigh, if only we could talk to the stars. Sometimes I daydream of lying comfortably on a quaint hill with my special someone at past one where we could just talk forever & ever. Now THAT would be something!


After a couple of decades, the stars still glimmer although with only just a quarter of its brightness’ peak. I wonder— would it also be the same for me? Personally I don’t mind; given that I’ve already checked off most in my bucket list & have solidified a reliable base not only for me but for my loves as well. *fingers crossed*


The Lowdown: Topman sweater; Rebel Gear shirt; Oxygen shorts; Thrifted socks; DIY necklace; SMCM shoes



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