Travel Memoirs

Baguio: Day 3


Our last legit day in Baguio commenced really early (at least for Ashte, Ate & I). We were up by 5AM to sneak in a visit to the popularized La Presa of the Forevermore series which we are obviously fans of.


Just to clarify, La Presa is actually fictitious. The mountain place where it is located is called Mt. Cabuyao & boy was it quite a ride! The trip on the way there took rather long because we literally had to surpass hills & valleys! I don’t know if I’m just overstating stuff but the journey there was indeed adventurous.


By the time we reached the place, thick fog surrounded us due to the amalgam of rainy weather + the fact that it’s still early in the morn. The view of the city was breathtaking! It definitely made the tedious trip worth it.


Of course, we made sure to take souvenir shots of everything Forevermore we set our eyes on. There was even an exhibit of the potato creatures that Xagnes built when they were just starting out.


Tip: If you plan on going there, make sure you wear at least three layers of clothing complete with gloves. Clumsy me only wore a shirt + a cardigan so I was freezing my ass off the whole time! I had to keep rubbing myself or else I would’ve become an ice statue lol.


Of course, we took photos of the Calay family house. Yes, it was small & kinda disappointing. The whole place looks freakin’ gorgeous on TV! The camera really hasย its ways of playing tricks on the eyes.


Afterwards, we headed back to the city onto the villa to freshen up. We reunited with Tito Rens & family at the Baguio Cathedral (which was magnificently built if I do say so myself).


We decided to go to the Baguio campus of Philippine Military Academy afterwards. At first look, you would’ve confused it with Camp John Hay due to the similarities of the grounds.


They had setups of tanks & weapons for tourist photos. We srsly had (too much) fun out of it.


The land of the campus was vast by all means. I love how the place looks very clean, structured & minimalist. Perfect for Instagram basic shots!


We roamed around the premises & took shots of some features such as tree houses, student soldiers, the museum, etc. Too bad I didn’t find any pine cones though (I was eager to find decent ones).


It was time for lunch exactly as we finished wandering around. We were off to Wright Park next. And nearby is the Ketchup group of restaurants wherein Happy Tummy is located.


The place is mostly Thai cuisine & honestly, it was just so-so in my judgment. Good meals, but nothing really special or extraordinary.


After which, we finally walked to Wright Park for some horseback riding. Then we also visited The Mansion which is indeed a feast for the eyes (such a bummer we can’t enter it though).


For our last tourist-y itinerary, we journeyed to La Trinidad, Benguet for some strawberry-picking action.


I wasn’t really a fan of strawberries before but I gotta admit Baguio made me a believer. Who can’t say no to strawberry jam, strawberry ice cream, strawberry taho?


Then again, just like what happened the day before, the rain came in like a wrecking ball. What a bastard! We were forced to go back to the villa because this time the downpour was stronger.

We rested for a while. Then Ashte, Ate & I decided to go to the market to shop for some pasalubong & local delicacies.


We didn’t realize the night had rolled in already so we ate dinner right after at a nearby Korean resto called Red Station.


I enjoyed the experience obviously (since y’know I’m a fan of all things Korean). We ordered dishes that are garnished with something that hasย a mild spice on it to balance the cold climate.


Ate & I accompanied Ashte to the bus terminal subsequently because she had to report early to the office the next day.


The next morning, we ourselves packed up & left the villa at 8AM.


Ourย 3-day stay at Baguio was long but short-lived. Or maybe I just got too hung up on the place I guess? Regardless, I know I would go back to Baguio sometime in the future. Who knows? Maybe when Pau & Renz become my age after 10 years? That would be awesome.



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