Instagram Dump

Instagram Dump #04


1 2

L: Sneaked in a visit at an art exhibit with my friend Nikki. These opportunities quench your creative palate & provide inspiration as well.
R: Artsy shot of a bedhead! Haha my literal version of “I woke up like this” (not really flawless)

3 4

L: Yes I am a ninja! Lol love how both muted & comfy this ootd is.
R: Usually what my table looks like at a coffee shop. Srsly one of the best places to chill & sit back, don’t you think so?

5 6

L: What happened to another visit at Cool Beans Cafe in Maginhawa?
R: Another sojourn to an art fair. I super love how this B&W photo came out.

7 8a

L: Throwback photo at last year’s road trip to Tagaytay. Aww I miss the cool breeze. I could really use some right now considering Manila’s current heat wave.
R: And what can I do about the terrible humidity? ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM GIMME THAT GIMME THAT ICE CREAM!

9 10a

L: The interiors at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery is spectacular & all that but its just a tad bit too girly for me. I guess a little subtlety would be better.
R: A “sibs” shot of me & Ate while on a food trip down at Maginhawa Street. This type of shot is becoming more frequent for us lol



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