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How are you all doing? I’m terribly sorry if I was not able to keep up with my consistency last week. I had to take care of my finals & project requirements. But now that it’s all done (and I’m on my term break yayy!), lemme give you guys a look update. The weather is getting pretty chilly as of late and with that comes the suitability of layering. Especially with typhoons nowadays, they’re horribly unpredictable. So what I do is I always bring a snug piece of sweater on my backpack for certainty. Not only does it keep you weather-proof, it’s also easy to match well with whatever you’re wearing. I suggest choosing whites, greys or blacks for a more put-together ensemble.

The Lowdown: Graniphย pullover; Dad’s longsleeves; 21 Men pants; H&M hat; Thrifted boots


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