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Shape of You



What’s up y’all? Everything’s been a crazy mess this past week. My feelings are on a rollercoaster dealing with both emotional crap & acads stuff. As I’ve mentioned before, we’re actually doing our design project this term & this thesis thingy is no joke! It feels like I have to go through adulting a little bit earlier than expected. Anyway, here’s a look to keep you guys updated! It’s one of my more normal ones since I typically wear this type of outfit whenever I go out to the mall or wherever with friends. Usually just a plain shirt then I wear a jacket then sneakers, that’s it. And oh, one thing I noticed about myself is that I seem to be developing a penchant for denim! That damn fabric is slowly taking over my closet lol.

The Lowdown: Thrifted jacket; Hanes shirt; DIY jeans; Adidas sneakers; Sunnies shades



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