Good Bye

Hey what’s up, it’s Jere!

Life has been such an adventure lately. I know it’s been a long while since I last published on the blog so here’s a quick update. Ever since my last post, I was able to complete my thesis (in which we ranked 2nd best in the university’s design project competition), I managed to snag a 350-hour paid internship in Emerson, and I finally finished all my remaining units in school. All those happened in a span of 4 months! What a crazy rollercoaster ride.

Right now, I am about to enter a new chapter in life. It’s scary because I’ve been a student for majority of my existence, and in front of me looms uncharted territory. Having said that I’ve thought about my plans for the future & after some careful deliberation, I have decided to bid farewell to blogging.

Blogging has been my passion for the past 5 years & I definitely learned a lot. I was a clueless 17-year old teenager when I started this venture & look at me now! I’m already 22 and ready to take my dreams by the reins. Being a blogger merited me the confidence I needed during my developing years. I met amazing people (who I still cherish up to now), I developed into a better individual & most of all I found my identity! But life is so much more than the internet. I think it’s about time that I explore more of the world outside my laptop. Lately I’ve been going out more, doing extra efforts on some socializing & even hitting the gym to amp up my chances of getting my dream bod. I’m having such a blast!

I’m closing The Kiddo Grows Up but that doesn’t mean I’m done growing up. Life goes on and there’s still a lot of lessons to learn & memories to forge. I’m excited for the future!

Let’s meet again soon.



The Kiddo Comes Back

Happy new year everyone! I couldn’t think of a more fitting opportunity to come back than the start of the next chapter, the turn-over of a new leaf, the start of something new. 2016 is here and no matter how miserable or blessed the past year was, let bygones be bygones. The new year is worth celebrating so let’s make the most out of this fresh beginning.

Speaking of which, I’ve tweaked some designs & features to coincide with my return to blogging. My header image has changed and so is the font, interface & overall aesthetic. There is also a home menu placed after the header now. All of this personally tended by yours truly to reflect my disposition, which has always been top priority on my blog.

I can’t wait to post what I’ve prepared during my hiatus to share to the world! The kiddo is finally back.

Continue to watch over me.



On Break

Hello! This is Jere.

As you’ve noticed, it’s been a long time since I last posted on my blog. Let me just update y’all with what’s happening on my life recently.

If you’re following me on my SNS accounts, you prolly know already what transpired. It was during the last week of August when my laptop literally dropped to the floor in less than a sec & I was shocked to find out afterwards that my hard drive had met its end with that blow.

To keep it as short as possible, every byte of data (pictures, videos, portfolio, articles, memories, 20+ sets of photosets for future blog posts) I gathered for 5 years has since been deleted from existence.

Now I am not one to bask in the past. These few weeks that have passed have been a continuous struggle for me to keep my head held high while making a conscious choice to not let life get to me. Right now, I am working hard to build myself up again + shoot photos for the blog to make up for what was lost while juggling my studies & personal schedule.

With regards to this, I have made the decision to put “The Kiddo Grows Up” on hiatus until the year ends. I will be coming back next year better & more suited.

Please anticipate for me!





Surprise surprise! I have transferred to WordPress at last. I actually planned this move for a long time already & I figured it would be a great idea if I timed it exactly for the New Year. Although I wasn’t able to reach the target date of January 1, I’m still happy that it’s finally happening.

The new design I chose is more refined, cleaner, and less childish than my layout on Tumblr. This is in accordance to the unavoidable fact that I’m turning 20 next month boohoo! (But I’m still the Kiddo anyway) I ditched the sidebar & made way for a sleeker version that can be accessed by clicking the button on the top of the page. I also decided to import my posts from Tumblr & it can easily be distinguished since I categorized it differently from my new ones. (The watermark makes it more obvious as well)

Here’s to a brighter 2015 & to the claim that this’ll be my last platform move. Transferring from to Tumblr to WordPress isn’t actually the best thing in the world hahaha.

DSC_0019 (2)