Personal Picks

Personal Picks: Golden Globe Awards 2016

The Golden Globes has always been one of the most anticipated (& prestigious) awards show all over the globe. Aside from the viewers holding on to their seats waiting for the winners, I also tune in to see what the finest Hollywood actors have up their sleeve as they put their fashion game face on. This is my Top 10 best dressed list for the iconic night.


10 martin-wallstrom

10. Martin WallstrΓΆm
– There’s something about simple that takes you a long way especially if it’s done in a very classy tasteful way. This puts the Swedish actor on my list. He rocked B&W in subtly various shades well + I love his shoes!


9 liev-schreiber

9. Liev Schreiber
– Although he lost the trophy to Jon Hamm, the veteran actor places 9th on my list just because he still looks so damn dapper despite his age. It has always been #goals to manage one’s self well in his 40s. The grey-ish ensemble matched nicely with his buzzcut too; not everyone can pull that off!


8 charlie-puth

8. Charlie Puth
– Another reason to like this Marvin Gaye crooner! Although he looks like he’s dressed to the nines for prom, I love how he chose pieces that showed off his youth & personal style. His black bow tie is a wise choice as well as the slim-cut trousers.


7 eddie-redmayne

7. Eddie Redmayne
– Aside from announcing his wife’s pregnancy, one more thing worth celebrating is Eddie’s sense of style which shone on the red carpet. I adore that touch of quirky (which he ever does so spectacularly) via the dotted midnight blue blazer! He would’ve placed higher on my list if his pants fit better.


6 wiz-golden-globes

6. Wiz Khalifa
– Now this one is polarizing & that’s exactly what I love about it! The rap star’s Thom Browne suit & Gucci slippers may look odd separately but Wiz’ charisma makes it very put-together in an impishly cool way. I’m definitely keeping an eye out for him in the future.


5 michael-fassbender

5. Michael Fassbender
– His sleek Tom Ford all-black tuxedo may appear very blah for some, but the fit is hands down one of the best I’ve seen. This is a prominent example of how tailoring goes a long way. The cut of the ensemble matches the X-Men actor’s frame so well, I had to make it enter the Top 5.


4 will-poulter

4. Will Poulter
– His face may have turned into an infamous meme but man, look at those proportions! The Maze Runner actor’s look is slightly identical to Puth’s but his tall, built frame made all the difference. This picture brought back my insecurities for 6foot-something guys though. *bawls*


3 michael b jordan

3. Michael B. Jordan
– This guy is fast becoming one of my style icons (he ranked high last time too!). The Creed star pulls off his stylish ensemble with ease & that undeniable swagger. I personally adore his spruce combo of slim cut pants & three-piece suit.


2 garrett-hedlund

2. Garrett Hedlund
– Very classic, very masculine, very fit for the occasion. On point. There’s something about this certain look that’s classy & effortless especially matched with the actor’s natural bravado. And the facial hair & sleek up-do did help a lot!


1 sam heughan

1. Sam Heughan
– The Outlander star tops my list of best-dressed! It was a close match between him & Hedlund but his modern approach to dressing won me over. I love his deep blue suit which exuded such a mannish contemporary feel. And while I prefer Garrett’s hair, Sam’s lock tresses aren’t that bad too! #teamcurly

Personal Picks

Personal Picks: Met Gala 2015

This week saw the realization of one of the most anticipated fashion events of Hollywood. The annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City or more popularly known as the “Met Gala” is very much celebrated because it serves as an outlet of expression for celebrities to merge style & art through their chosen attire. This year’s theme is “China: Through the Looking Glass.”

As an avid fan of the yearly ball, here are my personal picks who piqued my interest & built up inspiration.

1010. Matt Bomer
– The White Collar actor went with a classic look & looked absolutely dapper in a midnight blue suit from Giorgio Armani. The smart choice of cashmere was well-played & added to a classier vibe paired with the straight-cut pants. I love the wide-eared bow tie as well.

99. Miguel
– This smooth-voiced R&B crooner turned heads with a flaming pick of color. Not everyone can pull off such pops of hues on the red carpet, but he effortlessly managed to swagger down the runway tailored in Michael Kors. Risks in moderation indeed go a long way.

88. John Boyega
– Adding up more hype to his role in the much-awaited Star Wars flick, the up-and-coming actor stole my attention with his basic yet poised Burberry suit. Its velvet fabric may indeed played a huge part which added attitude. I’m definitely keeping an eye out for this guy in the future.

77. Dwyane Wade
– The basketball superstar turned into a style stunner on the red carpet as he sashayed down in an amalgam of teal & gray Versace pieces. His red sash & dapper pair of slip-on loafers are both a thumbs-up as well. His best accessory though would have to be the beautiful Gabrielle Union who was linked to his arms all throughout!

66. Robert Pattinson
– The Twilight lead was very much dashing in Dior Homme! Looking every bit as flawless as a vampire, his sartorial choices were seriously tailored fit to perfection. I personally adored the monochrome play on his collar plus the unconventional cut of the vest which meshed really well.

55. Jose Maria Manzanares
– The famed spanish matador who recently became an ambassador for Dolce & Gabbana stole the scene in a detailed suit jacket from the said fashion house. The shining jewel-encrusted piece spoke attitude which complemented his gentlemanly pair of brogues & side-swept hair.

4 4. Ansel Elgort
– Hollywood’s most promising heartthrob delivered in a chic Tom Ford suit. His charisma was overflowing, I swear I can imagine teenage girls swooning all over this photo! Notice how he picked a pair of slim-fit pants for a more youthful vibe? Gentlemen, THIS is how you wear a suit.

33. Justin Bieber
– I admit I don’t like this guy’s arrogance but damn! His sartorial choice of Balmain was on point. From the spiffy pair of shades to the print of gold dragons to those black suede boots, everything worked perfectly. Props to him for the subtle risk-taking. *slow clap*

22. Olivier Rusteing
– This French creative director for Balmain who is the wunderkind behind Bieber’s outfit also stole the show with his Balenciaga ensemble. Bold choice of top with his diamond-encrusted robe with a silk finish. He also wore similar footwear with Justin. A++ for a put-together mix of audacity & unconformity!

11. Michael B. Jordan
– By far my most favorite look of the night belonged to this Awkward Moment/ Fantastic Four star! I am in love with his terno ensemble of Dolce & Gabbana. The teal + vine print was a major success as he pulled it off effortlessly without any hesitation. A great example of how prints can be utilized well to create a flawless look!

Honorable mentions:

Katy-Perry-Jeremy-ScottJeremy Scott
– The zany designer who is known for his over-the-top collections escorted Katy Perry with matching outfits (both of which were made by him). I just always admire his creations which seem to feature pop culture with no restraint.

tony goldwynTony Goldwyn
– The Scandal actor is a sight to behold with his midnight blue shawl-collar tuxedo by Brooks Brothers! He is exactly what I would want to look like after 20 years. Age is definitely not a reason to not spruce up.