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Hello there! Sorry for quite the inconsistency of posting in the blog. Anyway, Christmas season is fast approaching & I’d just like to update you guys with another look backlog (lol at the sarcasm). I promise I’ll be shooting a lot of new looks this month & you’ll get to see more styles from the kiddo. I wanted to get over with the backlogs before the year ends so that everything will be fresh as the year goes on (and no, I am not reasoning haha).

The Lowdown: Hanes shirt; Thrifted vest & shorts; Human snapback; Casio watch; SM Dept. Store shoes

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I call this my “semi-formal-pero-muka-pa-din-street” outfit. This is basically my go-to look when going to school or to Church. I want to look polished yet exuding my flair but presentable still. It’s a balance between comfort, ruggedness & style.


The Lowdown: Thrifted top & snapback; 7 For All Mankind jeans; SMCM shoes; Casio watch

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I absolutely hate it whenever fake imitations of what’s currently on trend suddenly sprout up & in a blink of an eye, its class appeal goes from hero to zero. This look was actually taken 8 months ago & sank more & more on my post backlog not until last week when it caught my eye again. Truth be told, I was having doubts posting it because floral caps have a “jeje” feel to it now ever since cheap imitations of it were distributed locally. But hey, if you look at the bigger picture, it’s about the wearer & not what he’s wearing. If you’re secure of what you are, who cares what other people would say anyway?


My top here is actually a pasalubong of my tita from the States. She last saw me when I was still obese 6 years ago so she bought me a size XXL. Lol so when she gave the shirt to me, she was really surprised. I then just decided to cut the sleeves so that it wouldn’t go to waste.


The Lowdown: Abercrombie & Fitch top; Supreme snapback; Oxygen shorts; Thrifted longsleeves; RP sneakers

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It’s exhilarating to find that you have a lot of free time. I am a firm believer in the saying “better busy than bored” but sometimes when you feel like a rest is well-deserved, you know it ain’t a waste. Our body needs it too. And it’s true that work gets more bearable & your best is much highlighted when you’re recharged and good to go.


This is why I’ve been maximizing my semestral break as much as I can. I didn’t quite make plans for it but it’s turning out to be exciting ‘coz random events keep popping out like mushrooms! If there’s a time I would allot to take care of meeting up with friends, shopping til I can’t spend no more & eating my heart out, it would definitely be during no classes. When it’s school time, I really make sure that I focus on my craft & avoid necessary disturbances as possible.

(Just a wacky shot ‘coz in the middle of the shoot, the rain suddenly went down on us. Hahaha!)


The Lowdown: Hanes shirt; Penshoppe shorts; Adidas sneakers; Thrifted denim jacket; SM Accessories hat